ACCORDICA II (2009)-uroš rojko

uroš rojko (b.1954) ACCORDICA II (2009)
accordion + violin

“ Rojko’s Accordica series strives to merge both instruments into one sounding body. Delving into the deepest interior of the sound as the mood of each instrument subtly colours the other. Sound and si- lence are blended together through ne fragmentation of sequences without losing the plasticity of the sound space. Accordica 2 was written for accordionist Primoz Parovel in the spring of 2009 and dedicated to him and violinist Pi-chao Chen.” –Uro ̆ s Rojko

Uro ̆ s Rojko born in 1954 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, studied composition (in the class of Prof. Uroš Krek) and clarinet in his home town. After graduating from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, he went on to study with Klaus Huber in Freiburg from 1983 until 1986 and with György Ligeti in Hamburg from 1986 until 1989. His works had been performed all around the world, in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South Korea and Japan. Uros Rojko also acts as a clarinetist, particularly in duo with accor- dion player Luka Juhart. Uros Rojko lives and works in Berlin, Vienna and Ljubljana. He is a professor of composition and music theory at the Academy of Music in Lju- bljana. As a composer and as a teacher he is committed to an open, internationally minded creative discourse. Since 2015 he is an associate member of the Academy.

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