It’s Always 3:07

[world premiere; written for the Array Ensemble]

Stephen Clarke – piano
Colleen Cook – clarinets
Sheila Jaffé – violin
Lydia Munchinsky – cello


The title of It’s Always 3:07 comes from a broken clock in the courthouse watchtower close to where I live in St. John’s Newfoundland. The titles of the movements are taken from the names of streets, lakes and ponds in and around St. John’s.
The piece incorporates many ideas about material and form I have thought about for a long while but haven’t articulated musically. While writing the piece I was equally nervous and excited – emotions I also feel in anticipation of the performance.
I thank Martin Arnold and Arraymusic for giving me the opportunity to write the piece and the Array Ensemble for the care and musicality they have brought to its performance.
It’s Always 3:07 is dedicated to Martin. – Stephen Parkinson, 2018

Stephen Parkinson is a musician—composer, improviser and performer—based in Toronto. He has composed pieces for Arcana, Arraymusic, Anne Bourne, The Burdocks, Continuum, The Drystone Orchestra (which he co-founded), Eve Egoyan (who has included pieces by Stephen on two of her CDs), Open Space Dream Ensemble, and the Rat-drifting series. He has also written over twenty songs (words and music) in the style of jazz standard ballads, ten of which were recorded by The Ryan Driver Quintet and released as a double lp by the UK based record label Tin Angel. And as a performer, he is or has been a member of the AC Band, The Drystone Orchestra, Marmots, No Angels Dancing, the Rodpons and The Tristanos. Stephen studied composition at Wilfrid Laurier University, the University of Victoria and the University of California, San Diego.

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