Array Session #11 part 3


From the Vault 2012

Marilyn Lerner (piano/rhodes) “Repeatedly, Lerner’s interpretations are enhanced by the engaging way she slips between limpid coolness and rhythmically-charged vibrancy. Pianists with a less finely calibrated touch would plough through passages that Lerner precisely etches.”

Jazz pianist/improviser Marilyn Lerner performs to acclaim internationally, from her native Montreal to Havana, from Jerusalem to Amsterdam and the Ukraine. Her musical career has been marked by a deep exploration of traditional and free jazz, new music tinged improvisation, and Ashkenazic folk music. Lerner has appeared with Tito Puente, Gerry Hemingway, and Steve Lacy.

A prolific recording artist, her most recent work includes Arms Spread Wide, (Nobusiness records) with New York based Ken Filiano-bass and Lou Grassi-drums, Ugly Beauties Trio with Matt Brubeck, cello and Nick Fraser, drums. She also records, tours and performs with the Dutch based avant-garde Ig Henneman Sextet , with Axel Dörner, Wilbert de Joode, Lori Freedman and Ab Baars.

Kye Marshall (electric cello)is <style=’font-family:Verdana;colour:dark grey’> a professional composer, cellist and jazz and free improviser with five CD’s to her credit. Kye has performed jazz, classical and free music with many ensembles including the National Ballet Orchestra, the Kye Marshall Jazz Quartet / Duo ,the Epic String Quartet, Sonora and the Baker / Marshall Duo.

Her compositions have been performed locally, in the US and Austria and she has written a Concerto for Bass Trombone and for different combinations of instruments including string orchestra, string quartet, piano, brass quintet, and choir. Kye has also written four film scores, thirty-two jazz compositions, as well as for theatre, dance and CBC radio drama .

Rose Bolton – violin and electronics
Toronto based composer Rose Bolton’s works range from orchestral, chamber and vocal music to electro-acoustic and ambient electronic. She has received numerous commissions and prizes, including the 2006 Norman Burgess Fund award, and the Toronto Emerging Composer award.

Rose’s works have been performed by major ensembles across Canada, including the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra, the Esprit Orchestra, The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Tapestry New Opera, and L’ensemble contemporain de Montréal. She has also composed full scores for two CBC television documentaries produced by Red Apple Entertainment: The Disappearing Male, winner of the 2008 Gemini Award for Best Science and Technology Documentary; and Surviving The Future which will air on CBC’s Doc Zone in the spring of 2010.

Her many upcoming projects include a Canada Council funded ambient sound installation for a large space, a chamber work for the Montreal based Lotus Trio, and a collaboration with multimedia performance artist Elizabeth Chitty.

Ted Phillips – electronics
Ted was host and producer of a radio show that ran on CIUT-FM for 12 years. The earliest versions of the show dealt with academic style-electroacoustic and what used to be called “computer music”. (Xenakis, Risset, Chowning, Dodge, Lansky…) Interest in synthesis and digital signal processing, led to the nascent field of improvised and or “interactive” music using computers.

(League of Automatic Composers -later The Hub+ George Lewis, David Berhman) After attending thousands of concerts, improvised and otherwise, and after years of invitations by some great local performers and composers, he decided to join them.

Recently a very powerful new tool was made available from IRCAM that had some of what he wanted for live performance. Named “CataRT” it uses “data-driven concatenative sound synthesis system in real time based on unit selection from large databases for Max/MSP/FTM”.-( ) Developers Deimo Schwartz and Norbert Schnell of IRCAM’s Real Time Musical Interaction Team have created an unusual, powerful and extensible application for live performance and improvisation. For the past two years Ted has had many hours of meetings, software re-development and testing with developer Brett Martell, helping to extend an early version of CataRT’s midi interaction and interface design.

He has most recently been experimenting with the software in live performances with the Toronto Improvisers Orchestra and with other musicians.

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