Boundary Music

Stephen Clarke – piano
Colleen Cook – clarinet
Sheila Jaffé – violin
Lydia Munchinsky – cello
Rick Sacks – percussion
David Schotzko – vibraphone

The score for Boundary Music consists of the following two sentences:
Make the faintest possible sound to a boundary condition whether the sound is given birth to as a sound or not.
At the performance, instruments, human bodies, electronic apparatus or anything else may be used.
The Array Ensemble will be performing a number of these boundary condition events during tonght’s version of the piece.

Mieko Shiomi grew up in a musical family and received a classical musical education at an early age. She began to study music theory and music at the State University of Arts in Tokyo in 1957. In 1960, together with Takehisa Kosugi and others, she founded the group Ongaku (Music) and began to extend the radius of her own music to include improvisation and action. The group received stimulus from performances by artists such as John Cage, La Monte Young and George Brecht, who visited Tokyo in the early 60s. From 1963, Shiomi had contact with Yoko Ono; through her, Shiomi got to know George Brecht’s events adopting the term “event” to describe her own works. On the invitation of George Maciunas in 1964, Shiomi went to New York, where she took part in the Fluxus events taking place there.
She returned to Japan in 1965. After a hiatus, in 1977, Mieko Shiomi devoted herself to her own compositions once again, but retained her strong links with the Fluxus network and its ideas. Shiomi lives and works in Osaka.

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