brown study by eldritch Priest

brown study by eldritch Priest

David Schotzko (vibes)
Marc Couroux (keys)
John Sherlock (keys)
Anna Höstman (keys)
Paul Newman (tenor sax)
Bea Labikova (alto sax)
Cory Latkov (cello)
Branko Džinović (accordion)
Nicola Rampersaud (trumpet)
Heather Seeger (trombone)
eldritch Priest (guitar)

From a lecture/concert celebrating Priest’s philosophical treatise:

Boring, Formless Nonsense; Experimental Music and the Aesthetics of Failure
Thursday, April 16th 2015 @ 8pm
refreshments will be served – cash bar
The Array Space, 155 Walnut Street. second floor, M6J 3W3
416 532 3019
Donation and PWYC

eldritch Priest lectures on his recently published philosophical treatise Boring, Formless Nonsense Experimental Music and the Aesthetics of Failure

eldritch Priest writes on sonic culture, experimental aesthetics and the philosophy of experience from a ’pataphysical perspective. Currently, he is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Communication at University of Montréal and a scholar in residence at the Centre for Theory and Criticism at Western University. Eldritch is composer and improviser, as well as a founding member of the Sonic Research Institute at York University and the experimental theory group “The Occulture.”

“…the failure ascribed to the music that I discuss here is a failure that describes my own discussion of the music. Its failure is my failure, a strange loop that lets me be both knight and knave, right and wrong, sincere and full of shit. It is a way to show how failure lives out the way one lives in contradictions: the way one finds interest in boredom, form in formlessness, and sense in nonsense.”
Performace: the brown study

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