Capsule By Gregory Newsome

Capsule By Gregory Newsome

Published on 20 Apr 2016


Gregory Newsome Capsule. ” James Joyce’s “Ulysses” came out of copyright this year, and I’m distilling each chapter down into capsule form — one sentence — using an algorithm I wrote. There are 18 chapters — I may or may not do them all.”
– Featuring Special Guest Soprano Carla Huhtanen

Within a few decades of its appearance nearly a century ago, James Joyce’s Ulysses had come to be viewed as an effective summation of modernism per se — an encapsulation of an entire aesthetic movement. But by the turn of the 21st century a new interpretative paradigm arose, shaped by the computer, information and internet age: that of Ulysses as a proto-hypertext, flattened to the form of the printed page. This view, in which the innumerable references and allusions of Joyce’s novel are understood as a web pointing in all directions and dimensions, virtually explodes the work by virtue of its non-linearity. Capsule’s distinctive experimental approach to this iconic text is informed by such recent conceptions of its structures of meaning and implication; yet, rather than opening it further, it reduces and selects via another, essentially oppositional technology of the internet age: the search algorithm. It thus encapsulates each of the novel’s 18 episodes, from its opening conversation to its closing interior monologue, within a representative textual fragment, out of which many of Joyce’s most potent recurring words and images emerge with the effect of ritual. This selective mechanism echoes the structure of that through which Capsule’s pitch material is also chosen, similarly distilled from the larger tone spectrum. Against this structural distillation, the potential plenitude of textual sonority and significance is allowed to resonate within the music’s metric oscillations, implied by its unfurling rhythms, and its scintillating profusion of instrumental and vocal timbres. — Sherry Lee

Recording & Editing By Kelley Mitchell – Supported by a Metcalf Foundation Internship Grant

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