Thin Edge New Music Collective

  • słucham siebie

    słucham siebie

    kasia czarski-jachimowicz (b.1993) słucham siebie (i am listening to myself) (2017)
    percussion, piano, violin, cello
    wokół ciebie są dźwięki… i słuchają siebie w spoczynku. Around you there are sounds…and they listen to each other at rest. słucham siebie (i am listening to myself) attempts

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  • Switch By Germaine Liu

    Switch By Germaine Liu

    “Switch is a composition for Cheryl, Ilana, Olivia and Solomiya. The inspiration comes from a choreographed dance piece by Colleen Friedman…

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  • Firewal By Rose Bolton

    Firewal By Rose Bolton

    “I started working on Firewall on January 20, 2017. In recent years, my artistic goals have centered around a few very simple ideas: …

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  • Gigue and Chaccone

    Gigue and Chaccone

    “Presence, Absence, Degree, after Francis Bacon: the essence of
    a thing may be arrived at through reductive reasoning – this work, conceived in Ljubljana, composed (for the most part) in Basel, and ultimately completed in New York. I have always

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  • There Is A Tide by Gregory Lee Newsome

    There Is A Tide by Gregory Lee Newsome

    “ There is a Tide” is a quote from Shakespeare’s tragedy Julius Caesar. It is spoken by Brutus, who is urging Cassius to seize an emergent opportunity.

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  • Long to Reign Over Us-Jason Doell

    Long to Reign Over Us-Jason Doell

    jason doell (b. 1976) Long to Reign Over Us (2017)** accordion, ute, piano, violin
    “The fairies, besides being vengeful, are also very arrogant, and allow no interference with their old-established rights” – Lady Francesca Speranza Wilde

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  • Puddles by Fjóla Evans

    Puddles by Fjóla Evans

    “In writing Puddles, my intension was to explore how the rever- berations of the separate instruments interact with each other. By listening to the material that

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  • Schattenmusik


    “The title Schattenmusik (shadow music) is more of a metaphorical idea/means of approaching this work than a literal description. As shadows indicate something

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  • Scolecite By Marci Rabe

    Scolecite By Marci Rabe

    For Solo Piano (2018). Presented by Thin Edge New Music Collective.

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