• Obstructus (2017)

    Obstructus (2017)

    Obstructus (2017) by Jeremy O’Neill

    Jeremy O’Neill is a composer based in Vancouver, B.C., where he is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Composition at Simon Fraser University. He has studied with composers Owen Underhill, David McIntyre, Arne Eigenfeldt and Rita Ueda, body percussionist and rhythm tapper Tasha Lawson,

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  • City Bird (2017)

    City Bird (2017)

    City Bird (2017) by Patrick Arteaga
    I – Name: T’so
    II – Scene 2
    III – Mi Fortuna

    Patrick Arteaga composes chamber music that focuses on malleable contrapuntal textures,

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  • The Naysayer’s Statement

    The Naysayer’s Statement

    The Naysayer’s Statement (2017) by Mert Morali

    Mert Morali is a Berlin-based composer originally from Izmir, Turkey. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in Theory-Composition from Bilkent University and in Composition from Hochschule für Musik “

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  • Garden of Forking Paths

    Garden of Forking Paths

    Garden of Forking Paths by Christina Volpini.
    Title based on a short story by Jorge Luis Borges. The composition explores space through the placement of musicians at opposite ends of the room (in front and behind the audience).

    Christina Volpini is a Toronto-based composer, music educator, and early-career arts administrator. Her music explores built sonic environments, rich and diverse textures, found objects, and the effect of sound in particular spaces

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