Continuous City of Leonia II By Solomiya Moroz

“ Leonia is a city from Italo Calvino’s Invisible cities which is living under the threat of collapse from piles of garbage accumulating on its out- skirts. I have worked with the material from Invisible Cities before in
a multi disciplinary production Paysages Éphémères which included dance, video and music. In this production I included ve cities from the book Valdrada, Eudoxia, Leonia, Melania and Olinda which served as a pretext for an exploration of the many faces of urban life in pub- lic and private spaces: invisibility (terra incognita), desires, memory, super ciality, refuge, fragility, fantasy, trading. These transposed uni- verses remind viewers-listeners, the visible and invisible architecture of their own city. In Continuous City of Leonia I chose the video im- ages from Leonia from photographer Maxime Boisvert because of our previous collaboration with the Invisible Cities project.

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