Four Verses by Tyler Versluis

I. Wraith Kneading A Snowball (Allegory of Winter)
II. Head of St. John the Baptist
III. Allegory of Martyrdom (Thistle Motif)
IV. Postludium

These four short movements are based on the artwork of Russian artist Denis Forkas Kostromitin. The artist’s work is informed by the world of Greek and Egyptian mythology and mysticism, alchemical and magical treatises, as well as Denis’ own narcoleptic visions. The first three movements are titled with the artwork that inspired their creation, while the fourth movement acts as a postlude to conclude the collection. I am deeply thankful to Denis for giving me permission to collaborate with his creations.

Rachel Mercer – cello
Colleen Cooke – clarinet
David Schotzko – percussion
Rick Sacks – conductor

Denis Forkas Kostromitin was born in 1977 in Kamyshin, Russia. The son of a military officer, Denis traveled extensively and experienced the vastness of the Soviet Empire while developing his artistic technique. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Denis frequently visited China as an interpreter and learned various Eastern painting traditions, which are evident in his works. Denis’ art is frequently inspired by Greek and Egyptian mythology, ceremonial magic, alchemy and Western philosophy, as well as the artist’s own narcoleptic visions. Denis currently lives in Moscow, Russia, where he privately teaches painting and participates in local and international exhibits.

This trio for cello, clarinet and percussion was created during the month long Array Young Composers’ Workshop May 2014. Through the support of the Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne and the SOCAN Foundation, 4 composers met each week with three musicians, mentor Rodney Sharman and director Rick Sacks. Sketches were brought in. Experiments led to new material, revisions and eventually the works were solidified into full compositions. The convert took place at The Array Space on May 31, 2014.

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