Fragment 1.2, I stand in the deepest blues & Fragment 2.1, iri/de/scence (2013) by Janet Sit

the array ensemble:

stephen clarke (piano), lydia munchinsky (cello)
adam scime (bass)
rick sacks (conductor)

workshop mentors:

henry kucharzyk
linda catlin smith

Fragment 1.2, I stand in the deepest blues: This excerpt is inspired by sounds from the
various parts of the cello and double bass, including experimentations with mallets and
fishing lines. An image emerged from this playful discovery – if one could stand upon the ocean floors, what might one perceive? And, in turn, how might one be perceived by the curious sea creatures?

Fragment 2.1, iri/de/scence:
A thousand flashes
Seashells chase me, terrible
Unending spirals.

Janet Sit is currently in the Master of Music program at the University of Victoria under the guidance of Christopher Butterfield, John Celona, and Dániel Biró. Her past teachers include Alexander Rappaport and Norbert Palej, along with critiques and feedback of Chen Yi and Samuel Adler in summer workshops. Janet is interested in exploring the boundaries between music and sound and how this can be translated through the use of instruments and other media in traditional and unconventional ways. Her future projects include combining her background in zoology, with a focus on marine mammal communications, into her compositional processes.

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