Garden of Forking Paths

Garden of Forking Paths by Christina Volpini.
Title based on a short story by Jorge Luis Borges. The composition explores space through the placement of musicians at opposite ends of the room (in front and behind the audience).

Christina Volpini is a Toronto-based composer, music educator, and early-career arts administrator. Her music explores built sonic environments, rich and diverse textures, found objects, and the effect of sound in particular spaces. Her commissioned works have been performed in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, and New York.

In 2016, she completed a Masters in Music Composition at McGill University studying with John Rea. There, Christina also acted as a research assistant in the Music Perception and Cognition Lab, conducting research on orchestration and timbral blend under the supervision of Stephen McAdams. This work has informed her music and artistic practice. In the context of private lessons, Christina has also studied with Ana Sokolović, Jean Lesage, and Paul Frehner.

Alongside composing, Christina enjoys work as an educator and arts manager. Her primary interests lie in innovative artistic programming and creating opportunities for artistic engagement within underrepresented communities.

Christina is a core organizer of the Toronto Creative Music Lab, a grassroots professional development workshop for early-career composers and performers promoting collaboration, experimentation, and anti-oppression within the new music community.

Christina is also active in arts advocacy initiatives, such as the Ontario Art’s Council’s Arts Day at Queen’s Park and the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts’ Arts Day at Toronto City Hall.

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