Hand Signals Toronto Improvisers Orchestra

The Toronto Improvisor’s Orchestra continues into 2013 with a new time slot; the last Sunday afternoon of each month at the Array Space (for directions click here) . Now you can come to play or watch as the Orchestra is opening their sessions to the public. 7:30 pm rehearse, 8 pm public performance

The Toronto Improvisers Orchestra is modelled on the London and other European improvising orchestras that use conductors to direct the improvisations by using established hand signals. Collective improvisation is also encouraged but tempered by the conductors. The Orchestra will draw from experts from the classical, jazz, and other music communities and should have a core of 20 musicians. Initial rehearsals will be required to give perspective conductors and musicians a chance to get familiar with the process before the first concert.

Please contact Ambrose Pottie at
Ambrose Pottie for more information and some pdf files of hand signals.


Hand Signals Part One

Hand Signals Part Two

TIO: Toronto Improvisers Orchestra from Sandro Manzon on Vimeo.


There are also some how-to videos on myspace:

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