I Dig Facts, Man

I Dig Facts, Man by Kevin Norton


Ensemble 50 is an artist driven composing and improvising ensemble. We came together to play for the first time as a part of Eleonor’s collaboration series at Spectrum NYC,Rétes, in 2013.

Our experience of playing and working together was at once based in trust and of truly “playing in the moment.” Our various career trajectories bring a collective experience that traverses all genres of new music, allowing us to tap into a very wide range of styles and techniques.

We have each toured and recorded extensively with ensembles that include Ethel, The Philip Glass Ensemble, Anthony Braxton and John Zorn ensembles. Additionally we have worked with and been inspired by African and Brazilian composers as well as popular music, and we continue to be inspired by each other.

Our compositions range from notated, through-composed orchestral works to open instrumental module compositions that rely heavily on improvisation.


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