jettison (2015) by John Mark Sherlock

jettison (2015) for accordion, electric bass, percussion and sound file
w/ Branko Džinović – accordion; Adam Scime – electric bass; Rick Sacks – percussion
* world premiere

In recent works and here with jettison I have been specifically interested in brutalist architecture. And by this, I mean really the béton brut (raw unfinished concrete) relation to this style and no misinterpretation around brutality or purported ugliness. I guess I’ve always been searching for an extra-musical metaphor for my work – and this may be the best one (even retroactively), thus far.  jettison uses as a structural feature a hendecagon (unidecagon, undecagon): an eleven-sided geometric figure – in this case with points interconnected creating 341 total intersections. This has no identifiable effect – to my ear, at least – on the sound of the piece and nothing to do with brutalism, necessarily. Or maybe it does… * world premiere by The Array Ensemble this evening

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