Kala-azar by André Cormier

From the Arraymusic Concert Formless

Colleen Cook, clarinet
Richard Sacks, percussion
Stephen Sitarski, violin
Lydia Munchinsky, cello

André Cormier’s work has been presented in Canada, the US, Europe, and New Zealand. He has written for solo, small and large chamber ensembles, as well as music for opera, dance as well as collaborative work with visual artists. His works have been commissioned from a variety of artists in Canada, the US, and Europe. In 2008, he launched Éditions musique Sisyphe (www.emsis.ca), a publishing house primarily for experimental music scores; he also directs its performing branch, Ensemble Sisyphe. In 2011, after nearly twenty years on the west coast shared between British Columbia and California, André made his return to eastern Canada, first in Montreal, and then in the fall of 2012, he returned to his native Acadie.

Kala-azar is from > Infections, which is from > Formes dévoilés, a series of series’ exploring musical form with varying ensembles. The explicit effort is to reveal the formal breaks as expressive and beautiful, and without any attempts to hide the seams.

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