Meanderings by the Masque (2013) by Sandro Manzon

the array ensemble:

stephen clarke (piano), lydia munchinsky (cello)
adam scime (bass)
rick sacks (conductor)

workshop mentors:

henry kucharzyk
linda catlin smith

Influenced by the hypothetical sound environment of the Renaissance, Meanderings by
the Masque is concerned with our fast changing environment. Our environment and its
sounds and activities hugely influence our experience in the world. With so many changes to our environment in the contemporary world, some of which being unconscious, how can we engage and understand these changes? Meanderings by the Masque is
influenced by elements of noise, continuation and subtle change. The music slowly
continues with several subtle surprises throughout.

Sandro Manzon is a young composer/pianist/improviser currently living in Ontario. His
compositions encompass a wide range of musical tradition. He has written works for
various musical situations including chamber ensemble, orchestra, turntables with
ensemble, traditional/experimental folk groups etc. Sandro studied composition with
notable composers such as Allison Cameron, Peter Hatch, and James Harley. He has
attended composition workshops/lectures by Krzysztof Penderecki and Graham Flett in
Canada and Pierluigi Billone in Venice, Italy. He is also the founding member and Artistic
Director of the band ‘Edges’ who is dedicated to performing and creating experimental
and contemporary music of many sorts. He is also co-founder/co-director of the
Kitchener-Waterloo/Guelph New Music Group.

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