Momentum by Allison Cameron

Momentum (2018)

A moment (momentum) was a medieval unit of time. The movement of a shadow on a sundial covered 40 moments in a solar hour. The length of a moment in modern seconds was not fixed, but on average, corresponds to 90 seconds. •

Expressing a moment into musical time was a source of inspiration for my new work.  The word moment has so many unspoken connotations in contemporary life. In this new piece I used it to put some of my musical history into context.  Rudolf’s Unisons is a reference to my former teacher’s composition for early music instruments. Debussy’s Pond is not just a reference to my favorite composer when I was studying to be a pianist as a youngster, but also a nod to the massive influence his work has had on 20th century music in general.  D. A. W. (De Bondt, Andriessen, Wagenaar) I think is somewhat self-explanatory, referring to The Hague School which had a significant influence on my work as a young composer. 

And finally, one that definitely seems the odd one out is Gumbo Limbo – a personal favorite.  These movements comprise the moments in my life, fleeting as they might seem, which have and hold resonance: memories and meaning. They are also made for the occasion of bringing together two significant musical groups in my life: c_RL (pronounced curl) and Arraymusic.

I have my friend and colleague Martin Arnold to thank for putting these groups together when he was Artistic Director of Arraymusic. Talk about a moment! And a great concept.

My thanks to Martin, David Schotzko, Arraymusic and all of the wonderful musicians involved. These moments couldn’t have happened without them.

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This work was commissioned by Arraymusic with the generous assistance of the Ontario Arts Council.

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