Music After Music by Dave Riedstra – Rat-drifting 3

Dave Riedstra is a composer, double bass player, and sound artist. His music uses quietness and ensemble interaction to create experiences of heightened coenaesthesia and network sensitivity. His Rat-drifting concert will situate itself between soundart and musical performance, electronic processes and extended solo music for the double bass.

As a performer, Riedstra specializes in collaborating with experimental composers from across the country. In spring of 2018 he toured a programme of five new works called Topography, traveling from the Pacific Northwest through the mountains and the prairies, over the shield, settling in the Great Lakes Basin.

Riedstra has created music across his home of Canada and in the Czech Republic. He has presented concerts with arc•hive artist run centre and the Victoria Composers Collective.

The Rat-drifting Concert Series

From 2000 to 2005 Martin Arnold ran Rat-drifting at Array’s old rehearsal space in pre-gentrified Liberty Village, bringing together free improvisation, sound performance, noise, psychedelic process music, DIY para-punk composition and post-Fluxus word events. This new Rat-drifting Series will present 5 concerts, which further this approach, taking over from, and building upon, the strengths of the Array Sessions.

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