Networks by Ann Southam

Ann Southam’s ‘Networks’ consists of a series of improvisations and choices. Improvisations last one minute each, beginning on the minute and half minutes, and are organized around specified pitches (in any register). A stopwatch (in this case computer readout) helps cue beginnings and endings of improvisations.

Commissioned in 1978 by Arraymusic through the Onatrio Arts Council (revised in 1996)

The Array Ensemble performing on the Improvisations and Alternatives show Saturday, November 19, 2011 at Toronto’s Music Gallery.

Rebecca Van Der Post (violin) , Brian Baty (double bass), Blair Mackay (vibraphone), Colleen Cook (clarinet), Stephen Clarke (piano), Lydia Munchibsky (cello), Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet), Rick Sacks (marimba)

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