Obstructus (2017)

Obstructus (2017) by Jeremy O’Neill

Jeremy O’Neill is a composer based in Vancouver, B.C., where he is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Composition at Simon Fraser University. He has studied with composers Owen Underhill, David McIntyre, Arne Eigenfeldt and Rita Ueda, body percussionist and rhythm tapper Tasha Lawson, as well as having participated in workshops with Rodney Sharman, Christopher Butterfield and Quatuor Bozzini, among others. Performances of his music have been featured at the Sonic Boom Festival and by Cor Flammae. His formal training as a dancer and interest in embodied cognition is reflected in an interdisciplinary approach to composition and in the search through his music for a sense of physicality, kineticism and presence.

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