Progress and Poverty / Daguerrotypes (2012) by Justin Haynes

Presenting four new works written in a month long mentorship with Composer
Christopher Butterfield, Array’s Artistic Director Rick Sacks and The Array Ensemble.

“First of all I am 39 years old, a single dad and a musician living in Toronto so much if not
everything I do is guided by limited means:
I rent a small apartment.
I ride a bike.
My kid has a PC.
I use the Gladstone Public Library as an office.
I have a Public Mobile cell phone.
I shop at the Salvation Army.
I wash my clothes in the bathtub.
I use Blogger as a web provider.
My psychiatrist is covered by OHIP.
I have a jazz trio that tours with a $30 ukulele, a suitcase drum, and a street-sweeper
bristle bass.
I’m working on a audio/video songwriting project called biodad that features friends of
mine who are willing to come by and let me record them doing weird stuff for no money.
I have many recipes that include Ramen noodles.
I have three guitars, an omnichord and a synthesizer, which were all given to me as gifts.
My piano (also a gift) lives at my friend’s place because mine is too small.
You get the idea.” – JH

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