tobias eduard schick (b. 1985) Schattenmusik [2017]**
piano, accordion, violin

“The title Schattenmusik (shadow music) is more of a metaphorical idea/means of approaching this work than a literal description. As shadows indicate something indirectly, the piece focuses on sev- eral kinds of sounds which occur alongside of a traditional, “clear” musical soundscape but often remain unheard/unnoticed: noisy artifacts, dark shades or microtonal versions of sounds. As nega- tives [of pictures] contain the represented objects as a reverse, the gestures of my piece can be understood as a shape/imprint of a traditional kind of dramaturgy. Only sometimes interrupted
by an abrupt eruption of a bright and resonant sound – as if one suddenly opens the door of a windowless attic where one usually finds only scurrying mice…” – Tobias Eduard Schick

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