Sketch for Cello, Double Bass and Piano (2013) by Sophie Dupuis

the array ensemble:

stephen clarke (piano), lydia munchinsky (cello)
adam scime (bass)
rick sacks (conductor)

workshop mentors:

henry kucharzyk
linda catlin smith

Sketch for Cello, Double Bass and Piano (2013) by Sophie Dupuis
When I learned about the instrumentation for the workshop, I knew I was going to be
writing something gloomy and dark. Thus, the piece is about nothing in particular other
than the sounds that the ensemble inspired me to work with. The form unfolds
organically, the piano serving as the driving force for the piece to which the cello anddouble bass add colour from time to time. In some ways, I like imagining the piano as a living creature capable of emotions and the stringed instruments as the constant
background noise generated by the impassive technology surrounding us.

Sophie Dupuis is currently completing her master’s degree in composition at the
University of Toronto and will be undertaking her doctorate at the same institution in
September 2013. Dupuis recently took part in the Orford Creation Workshop with Ana
Sokolović . Her piece for wind ensemble was selected as one of the winners for the
University of Toronto Wind Ensemble Composition Competition in 2012 and was
premièred in March 2013. Recent performances also include a Montréal performance of À
la dérive in December 2012 by the duo aTonalHits, and Qui lazarum resuscitasti was
performed by cellist Joëlle Mauris at the University of Toronto New Music Festival 2013.

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