Spatial View of Pond – Ann Southam

Spatial View of Pond

Spatial View of Pond, originally written for solo piano and tape, is named after a painting by Canadian visual artist Aiko Suzuki. Rewritten for solo piano in 1986, the original performance and beautiful, introspective choreography is recreated in a tribute to Ann Southam’s music.  Both pianists Henry Kucharzyk and choreographer/dancer Peggy Baker were the original performers. The work is a slow meditative exploration of the sonorities and melodies of a 12-tone row. The row is divided into 12 groups of four successive notes, each group having three notes in common with the group preceding it and the one following it.  All groups are listened to through the same 5 bar rhythmic structure, the only difference being that these 5 bar structures are alternately in 3/2 and 5/4, creating a slight expansion and contraction in time.  This work was commissioned in 1985 by Arraymusic through the Ontario Arts Council and is performed om October 18, 2011 at Gallery 345 in Toronto.

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