Temporary Ensembles Set 2

Somewhere There in association with Arraymusic presents Temporary Ensembles.

Colin Fisher (saxophones) Andrew Furlong (bass) Jeff Luciani (drums) Michael Lynn (bass) Luan Phung (guitar) Heather Saumer (trombone) Joe Sorbara (drums, percussion) Kristen Theriault (harp) Doug Tielli (trombone)

Temporary Ensembles are born, live short and potentially magical musical lives, and then sublimate into thin air. Their births involve a balanced merging of black arts as strange dice are selected and rolled and initiates are invited to make random selections with life-altering consequences. Their lives are intense, contingent, dripping with joyous risk and ugly beauty. They conclude with a sudden intake of breath that always already tastes of the moment after an end that already is. And then there is another.

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