The Ice Storm Array Session 20

Published on 2 Jan 2014
Array Session #20 (part 1)
Thursday Dec. 5, 2013 @8 pm
The Array Space, 155 Walnut Street. second floor, M6J 3W3
416 532 3019

This week’s lineup:

Branko Dzinovic – accordion

Dimitar Pentchev – piano

Nate Robertson – tribal/ambient

Rick Sacks – percussion

Branko Dzinovic (accordion) is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Toronto. Dzinovic participated in various artistic projects, such as “Phonart”, supported by the European Union. Not only is he active as a performer, but he regularly collaborates with artists coming from different types of media. He composed the soundtracks for two award-winning short films–“Tata Morgana” and “Daddy’s pride”. As a soloist and as a member of various ensembles, he recorded for the Radio Television of Serbia, Austrian Radio 1, and BBC.

Dimitar Pentchev / aka Sound Convincer, is an award-winning composer, pianist and producer based in Toronto who has written music for theatre, film and the concert stage. He is interested in combining acoustic sounds and approaches pre-recorded and manipulated sounds, especially the human speech, as a source of musical inspiration. His music has been performed in Europe, Africa and North America. His score for the legendary silent film “Pandora’s Box” (1929) was one of four chosen by Criterion Collection for their 2007 DVD Edition of the film and received great reviews from critics and audiences. Improvisation has been a part of the compositional process for Dimitar ever since he started writing music professionally. Performing his improvisations is a more recent endeavour. His main instrument is the piano and he puts in the centre of his performances while experimenting with combinations of live and pre-recorded sounds.

Nate Robertson (Tribal/Ambient) Through various elements of sound, I combine rhythms to create an organic improvised performance. This creative process in childlike. Intuitively creating all forms of art brings ones spirit into being. The momentum starts with physical actions, afterward it is not the mind, but the soul that guides the placement of pieces to the musical puzzle. A constant flow of mesmerizing tranzitions that allows for heartfelt expression. All the sounds of this world contribute to each day. This motivates every performance. As the days change, the cycle continues, expression from my exploration is here to share. I perform multiple instruments in my solo project Tribal/Ambient. I have been playing music for over nine years, completing a certificate program at Mohawk College. I prefer to learn from local musicians, opposed to professors in a structured environment. Accumulating knowledge from multiple sources provides a well rounded perception.
My goal is to bring music from multiple genres together to create a unique composition. Mainly through rhythms of various drums morphed with looping synthetic effects, Tribal/Ambient brings an ambient atmosphere to the expression of pulsating percussion. Occasional hints of hip hop mixed with avant-garde add to the original shape of sounds.
Explore your mind, sharing with others in a creative process. With the accumulation of various musical philosophies, this will broaden everyones perception.

Rick Sacks (percussion) Rick Sacks performs as a percussionist with many groups including Arraymusic, The Art of Time, New Music Concerts, Aventa, The Glass Orchestra, and the Evergreen Club. Recent performances have been in Shanghai, Beijing, Copenhagen, Montreal, New Jersey, Toronto and Ulaan Baatar. Rick composes music for dance and theatre. He created the compositions for CanStage’s Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Park at High Park, Midsummer Night’s Dream at Passe Muraille, the hit show Sibs (Tarragon), and the award-winning children’s show Danny, King of the Basement (Roseneath). His recent work as co-composer/music director of Red Sky’s Tono won the 2010 Dora award for best sound design/composition. Rick’s latest work is a composition for orchestra to be performed by the Victoria Symphony November 2012. Titled Water Music, the piece includes remote controlled flying fish, a deep sea diver and quotes from Handel, Ravel and the Beatles.

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