The Three Fates by Rick Sacks

The Three Fates Rick Sacks  

Singers: Brooke Dufton, Ilana Zarankin, Stacie Dunlop. 
Marimba: Andy Morris

Commissioned by Andy Morris and Zebra Schvunk (2007)

No, No, No, No, No, No, No 

You can’t wait any more
All right, all right, I didn’t think that. There is time. Do not be impatient.
You can’t put it off.
I don’t intend to. 
One minute miscalculation sets the ship irretrievably off course.
We each have only one, only one, only one task to do.
Spinning spinning spinning…
The destiny, the design in which a life is lived
Clotho spins, Lachesis shapes and I cut
But there’s one, the destiny in which (you haven’t cut) the thread of life
He fell as an oak falls. Not even Zeus could wheedle a moment for his son, Sarpadon. 
But you (I now but there is always another NOW) still have yet to CUT!
I have not stolen a moment of time.
With a keen eye on the nano second, the nano second
Enough! Perhaps our predecessors, in their less velocities lives had nows to burn but we do not!
The past, even when my weary fingers ached, the unruly ones, often tangled and frayed under my patient fingers
and though they require more care (I remember that little girl –  must always be hand threaded) I always loved the wily ones the best

Unbending, implacable, unyielding, she who cannot be turned. Fury. Fury. 
All right all right I will do what needs doing.
Atropos, Lady Necessity, I take the raw stuff of the void and transform it into reality. 

All right, all right all right all right. 

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