To Discard All Images by Christopher Mayo – 4 New Works

To Discard All Images (2019) by Christopher Mayo

I. Prologue (Silence, errance)
II. A Thin Layer of a Hard Shadow III. That Particular Gaze
IV. Stide Stroll Roam Patrol
V. Sounds Difficult to Repeat
VI. Une mauvaise présage, une mauvaise augure VII. Purgatory
VIII. Parallel to the Picture Plane
IX. Epilogue (Come Back, Stay Longer)

John Max (1936-2011) was a Canadian photographer from Montreal best known for his 1972 exhibition Open Passport.

His work, celebrated at the time, has been somewhat forgotten, perhaps as a result of Max’s reluctance in later life to develop his film or to show new work. Some of his close friends estimated that at the time of his death he had upwards of 2000 rolls of undeveloped film, others suggested that for several years he had been taking photographs without any film in his camera.

To Discard All Images presents new recordings of 46 Canadian photographers each describing one image from Open Passport. Many of these recordings are of close personal friends of Max, but just as many are of photographers who were not previously aware of his work.

The title is taken from a poem by Max, which he wrote as an epigraph for Open Passport:

To discard all images
Leaving their impressions behind Of burning hearts
And tortured souls
And soft silent tears Smouldering . . .
Without name
Without country Without passport……

To Discard All Images features the voices of:
Raymonde April, Benoit Aquin, Robert Bean, Sylvia Grace Borda, Dianne Bos, Jim Breukelman, Annie Briard, Chris Buck, Robert Burley, Michel Campeau, Bertrand Carrière, Serge Clément, Burt Covit, Marlene Creates, Donigan Cumming, Sally Davies, William Eakin & Lulu Akhanamoya, David Evans, Evergon, Fausta Facciponte, Michael Flomen, Will Gill, Elisa Julia Gilmour, Rafael Goldchain, Terence Gower, Angela Grauerholz, Naomi Harris, Joseph Hartman, April Hickox, Clive Holden, Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Ruth Kaplan, Shelagh Keeley, Rita Leistner, Laura Letinsky, John Lucas, Shelley Niro, Deanna Pizzitelli, Normand Rajotte, Guillaume Simoneau, Edward Singer, Shin Sugino, Althea Thauberger, Christopher Wahl, Robert Walker and Carl Zimmerman.

about Christopher Mayo

His work has been described as “… cogent, haunting and… desperately poignant” (The Times) and “a steampunk collection of gnarly machine-like noises, flashy timbres, and explosive rhythms” (Classical Voice North America)

Christopher Mayo (b. 1980) is a Toronto-based composer of orchestral, chamber, vocal and electronic music. His work is characterized by its distinctive rhythmic language and wide range of diverse and eclectic inspirations.

Christopher’s music has been performed by distinguished ensembles including the London Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, London Sinfonietta, Crash Ensemble, and Alarm Will Sound. He is also a versatile orchestrator and has collaborated with Carly Rae Jepsen, DVSN, Tanya Tagaq, Matthew Herbert and Goldie.


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