utopianism (2007) by john mark sherlock

utopianism (2007)
to Jack Behrens (for Ensemble KORE)
Stephen Clarke – Rhodes electric piano
Eve Egoyan – Clavinet
Linda Catlin Smith – Wurlitzer electric piano
Rick Sacks – percussion
David Schotzko – percussion

By the time of utopianism, my ideas about colour, material and abstraction had become a sublimated and permanent feature of my music and my thoughts turned to the social relation of the players to one another and myself as the (benevolent?) dictator of the score. Also, there were thoughts of utopia, socialism, egalitarianism, freedom and ultimate failure (musical and otherwise). Open instrumentation works with more material than was physically possible to be played – by any one player – and the chance for players to make their own way were more the norm by this point. I called this incidental orchestration often using the direction, “Play any, all or none of the notes.” Of course, my very regular use of Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, Clavinet and Hammond organ was well ensconced, too.

“My great thanks to Rick Sacks, Sandra Bell and Arraymusic for organizing this concert and to all of the musicians for their time, effort and indispensable musicality.”

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