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About Bach by Cassandra Miller

String Trio by Wilhelm Killmayer


The Glass Orchestra Rides Again at the Array Space


Capsule by Gregory Newsome, – Featuring Special Guest Soprano Carla Hutanen


Outer Space by Mary Rowell


Ensemble 50 is an artist driven composing and improvising ensemble coming together to play for the first time in a collaboration series at Spectrum NYC,Rétes, in 2013.
They have each toured and recorded extensively with ensembles that include Ethel, The Philip Glass Ensemble, Anthony Braxton and John Zorn ensembles.

And from The Vault (before HD recordings), This wonderful piece by Jason Doell:

Jason Doell is a Canadian composer whose works often skirt the edges of chamber music and sound art. His music has been interpreted by many important North American artists including: Array Music, Matt Brubeck, The CCMW string orchestra conducted by Gary Kulesha, The Cecilia String Quartet, Contact Contemporary Music, The Pierrot Ensemble, and Christina Petrowska-Quilico amongst others. Throughout his academic and professional career, Jason’s work has earned him many selections for prestigious workshops/presentations/commisions and has won him many awards, the latest being the 2014 Toronto Emerging Composer Award presented by the Canadian Music Centre. Currently, Jason is writing a set of solo guitar pieces for respected Canadian guitarist Rob MacDonald who will premier them in November 2014. You can listen to Jason’s work here: https://soundcloud.com/jason-doell

This trio for cello, clarinet and percussion was created during the month long Array Young Composers’ Workshop May 2014. Through the support of the Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne and the SOCAN Foundation, 4 composers met each week with three musicians, mentor Rodney Sharman and director Rick Sacks. Sketches were brought in. Experiments led to new material, revisions and eventually the works were solidified into full compositions. The concert took place at The Array Space on May 31, 2014.

Rachel Mercer – cello
Colleen Cooke – clarinet
David Schotzko – percussion